The Periodical Erotic Frenzy. A Libertarian, who enjoys Disco, blues, classic rock, funk, & hip hop. I dig the enigmatic and unusual, politics, beat poetry, steez, western films, good ol' Mary Jane, psychedelics, sex, & anything tantalizing. I believe in common sense, the constitution, Liberty, and small government. Grassroots always. I'm a thrift connoisseur by day, lounge cat by night. Don't harsh my mellow. 'Liberty or Death'

I’m not one thing. I consist of everything. I'm the angelic nastiness. I run with the masses and the opened minded. My body in many respects have been despoiled. I’m in a million little pieces and I’m giving myself to you. This is all practice for something bigger. Constantly rollin’ with the punches and jivin’ at bars and parties. Like most people, I roll with a group of seekers, movers, the malcontent, and at times; stupid hell-raisers. Together, we are those you meet that can change you; sometimes so profoundly that you're not the same afterward. I am The Periodical Erotic Frenzy, The porn hidden under your mattress. Exuding what your brain lusts for when its not inspired. I’m a lounge lizard in the back of the bar, or I’m with the party crew that is all up in your face. I quote the right words to tickle your fancy. This is the generation of ‘eye fucking’ and the insightful youth. I can bare the wolf’s teeth, and the sheep’s lips. I am a dreamer of the day and I’m not afraid to dream with my eyes open. I am the morbid. The crude. The funny. The tomboy. The nerd. The lover. The pot head. The steez hunter. The mindful. The music seeker, and everything else in between.

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